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Therapeutic and relaxing massages. Osteopathy and chiromassage.

Massages have regulatory effects on pain, fatigue and overall mood. Its aim is to relax the muscles by the mechanical pressure of the hands on the musculature at different levels. It provides a relaxing feeling that dispels tensions and worries, achieving a state of relaxation and wellness both physically and mentally. Putting a few minutes in the hands of a professional masseur can leave you like new. The massage automatically lowers the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases those of serotonin and others, the neurotransmitters that regulate our mood.

It is highly recommended after exercise. Not only does it recover the tonicity and elasticity of the muscles, but it also contributes to the functions of the tissues, such as the heart and the lungs, which are an active part of the effort. Other studies have found that massage improves sleep quality, increases alertness and improves many bodily ailments and physical disorders:

In 5 Elements SPA & Beauty Center we can offer you a wide variety of massages. You can choose the discipline and the modality: soft and relaxing or deep and repairing. In addition we make sport massages and techniques like massage with volcanic stones. We will gladly help you find a treatment adapted to your needs to relieve tension, treat injuries or improve physical or emotional state.

Therapeutic massages in Medellin el Poblado Relaxing massages in Medellin el Poblado Sports massages in Medellin el Poblado

How beneficial is the use of hands for healing purposes? Can massage become a therapy that benefits the body? One of the centers that has made the most efforts to resolve these doubts is the Touch Research Institute ( Touch Research Institute) , of the University of Miami. His conclusions are very positive: One of his first studies, in 1996, already advanced that the manipulation of the body stimulates the immune system, as it was verified in 29 patients who received a daily massage of 45 minutes. At the end of one month, most had experienced an increase in NK cell activity (important components in immune defense).

His research has shown, for example, that with a daily massage and accurately applied workers increase their productivity; The burned patients feel less pain and itching; Patients undergoing abdominal surgery recover more easily; Premature babies develop better; Asthmatic children suffer fewer attacks; Autistics improve behavior; Patients with post-traumatic stress syndrome reduce their anxiety; And if accompanied by music, relieve depression.



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